17 Faculties & Schools

2,000 modules each semester

Infinite possibilities. We offer a global and Asian experience that is broad, deep and rigorous. An NUS education is recognised as among the best in Asia, and the world. Whichever undergraduate or graduate programme you choose, your experience will be intellectually fulfilling within and outside the classroom.

The most sought-after overseas experiences

8 in 10 of our undergraduates go on study-abroad programmes with over 300 top universities in more than 40 countries. Aspiring entrepreneurs can take the first step towards their dreams with a variety of opportunities, including our eleven NUS Overseas Colleges offering internships in high-tech start-ups and classes at prestigious partner universities in some of the most enterprising hubs in the world.

Specialist teaching & learning

These units offer special courses and make learning more productive.

Academic calendar

Two semesters and a special term. The standard academic calendar for most schools.

Semester 1
Aug - Dec
Semester 2
Jan - May
Special Term
May - Aug
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